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First Note:Chile!
Signup Date:2/27/2010
Tribe: WIND
Kin: 2


  Tone: 2 Lunar
Stabilizing * Challenge * Polarize
Tribe: 2 Wind
Communicate * Breath * Spirit
Affirmation for: White Lunar Wind I Polarize in order to Communicate
Stabilizing Breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Timelessness
Reading for: White Lunar Wind

Historic Events on Kin 2

Music on White Lunar Wind (60)
Alicia Keys1/25/1981BirthUS singer
Andrew Love (musician)img11/21/1941BirthSaxophone player based in Memphis, Tennessee, best k...
Kevin Parker1/20/1986BirthAustralian multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic roc...
Nappy Brown10/12/1929BirthUS R&B singer.
Stephen Duffy 5/30/1960Birth English singer/songwriter
Benny Golson1/25/1929BirthUS jazz musician
Frank Sinatra, Jr.1/10/1944BirthUS singer
Kenneth "Babyface" ...4/10/1958BirthUS music producer
Mos Def12/11/1973BirthUS rapper and actor
Terry Riley6/24/1935BirthUS composer
John Gustafson8/8/1942Birth English bass guitar player and singer.
Tony Ashton3/1/1946Birth English rock pianist, keyboardist, singer, composer...
Trevor Bolder6/9/1950BirthEnglish rock musician, songwriter and record produce...
Craig Frostimg4/20/1948BirthUS keyboardist (Grand Funk & Bob Seger)
George Brownimg1/5/1949BirthUS drummer (Kool & the Gang)
Jimmy Lyons12/1/1931BirthUS musician
John Davidimg8/8/1942BirthDr. Hook & the Medicine Show
Kevin Federline3/21/1978BirthUS dancer/hip hop artist
Betty Johnson3/16/1931BirthUS singer
Calvin Johnsonimg11/1/1961BirthUS musician (Beat Happening, The Halo Benders, Dub...

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Entertainment on White Lunar Wind (72)
Colleen Corby8/3/1947BirthUS Model
Tom Bakerimg1/20/1934BirthBritish actor (Fourth incarnation of Doctor Who)
Kevin Federline3/21/1978BirthUS dancer/hip hop artist
Andy Milonakis1/30/1976BirthUS comedian
Anthony Edwards7/19/1962BirthUS actor
Bree Olson10/7/1986BirthUS pornographic actress
Charmaine Dragun3/21/1978BirthAustralian news anchor
Debra Jo Rupp2/24/1951BirthUS actress
Gary Collins4/30/1938BirthUS actor
George Hickenlooper5/25/1965BirthUS documentary film-maker
Gregory Itzin4/20/1948BirthUS actor
Heather Goldenhersh3/26/1973BirthUS actress
James Remar12/31/1953BirthUS actor
Jane Badler12/31/1953BirthUS actress
K. D. Aubert12/6/1978BirthUS actress
Kathleen Beller2/19/1956BirthUS actress
Lana Wood3/1/1946BirthUS actress
Lucille Bliss3/31/1916BirthUS voice actress
Marc Summers11/11/1951BirthUS game show host
Marguerite Nichols8/3/1895BirthUS actress

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Politics on White Lunar Wind (43)
Antonin Scalia3/11/1936BirthUS Supreme Court Justice
John H. Wood, Jr.3/31/1916BirthUS federal judge
Lawrence E. Page3/26/1973BirthUS search engine pioneer
William R. Bennett8/18/1932BirthPremier of British Columbia
Lewi Pethrus3/11/1884BirthSwedish politician
Iman bint Al Abdullah II9/27/1996Birthprincess of Jordan
Govinda Ahuja12/21/1963BirthIndian actor and politician
Anthony Ulrich II, Duke of ...8/28/1714Birth
Archduke Ferdinand II of Au...6/14/1529Birth
Rémy Trudel4/20/1948BirthFrench Canadian politician
Arnold Rüütel5/10/1928BirthEstonian president
Thomas Nast9/27/1840BirthGerman-born political cartoonist
Simon-Napoléon Parent9/12/1855BirthCanadian politician
Jim McGinty9/22/1949BirthAustralian politician
Patrick J. Kennedy7/14/1967Birthpolitician
Craig L. Thomas6/4/2007DeathUnited States Senator
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer11/16/1790DeathUS Continental Congressman
Henry King6/29/1982DeathUS film director
Patricia Kennedy Lawford9/17/2006DeathUS socialite
Phillip Whitehead12/31/2005DeathBritish politician

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Writing on White Lunar Wind (34)
Amiri Baraka10/7/1934BirthUS writer
Chris Kuzneski9/2/1969BirthUS bestselling author
Cleveland Amory9/2/1917BirthUS author
Jim Keith9/22/1949BirthUS conspiracy theorist and author
Kim Krizan11/1/1961BirthUS screenwriter
Larry Niven4/30/1938BirthUS author
Lloyd Alexander1/30/1924BirthUS writer
Phillip Hamilton2/14/1961BirthUS author
Robert Coles10/12/1929BirthUS psychologist and author
Terence McKenna11/16/1946BirthUS writer
William Gillette7/24/1853BirthUS actor and author
Ann Radcliffe7/9/1764BirthEnglish writer
Doris Lessing10/22/1919BirthBritish writer, Nobel Prize laureate
Dylan Thomas10/27/1914BirthWelsh poet
Paul Stewart6/4/1955BirthEnglish writer
Richard Dimbleby5/25/1913BirthBritish journalist and broadcaster
Ivan Cankar5/10/1876BirthSlovenian writer
Eyvind Johnson7/29/1900BirthSwedish writer, Nobel Prize Laureate
Louise Boije af Gennäs11/1/1961BirthSwedish writer and novelist
Louis MacNeice9/12/1907BirthIrish poet

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Art on White Lunar Wind (13)
Rory Byrne1/10/1944BirthSouth African racing car designer
Grandma Moses9/7/1860BirthUS painter
Kathleen Ankers10/22/1919BirthUS scenic designer
Richard Avedon5/15/1923BirthUS photographer
Eugene Lanceray8/23/1875BirthRussian artist
Nicholaos Gysis3/1/1842BirthGreek painter
Thomas Nast9/27/1840BirthGerman-born political cartoonist
Richard Cosway7/4/1821DeathEnglish artist
Domenico Zampieri4/15/1641DeathItalian painter
Pierre Balmain6/29/1982DeathFrench fashion designer
Gutzon Borglum3/6/1941DeathDanish sculptor
Jan van Scorel Dutch painte...12/6/1562Death
Santino Solari4/10/1646DeathSwiss architect and sculptor

Religion on White Lunar Wind (6)
Saint Seraphim of Sarov7/19/1754Birth One of the most renowned Russian monks and mystics ...
Louis Nazaire Bégin1/10/1840BirthCanadian archbishop and cardinal
Theodore Beza6/24/1519BirthFrench theologian
Saint Cyril2/14/0869DeathGreek monk, scholar, theologian and linguist
* 8/8/1942 - World War II: in Washington, DC six German would-be saboteurs (Operation Pastorius) are executed.
* 4/30/1938 - The animated cartoon short Porky's Hare Hunt debuts in movie theaters, introducing Happy Rabbit.

Science on White Lunar Wind (22)
Larry Page3/26/1973BirthUS computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur.
Edward B. Lewis5/20/1918BirthUS geneticist, Nobel laureate
Mary Edwards Walker11/26/1832BirthUS feminist physician
Robert Coles10/12/1929BirthUS psychologist and author
Doris Lessing10/22/1919BirthBritish writer, Nobel Prize laureate
Robert Sibbald4/15/1641BirthScottish physician
Eyvind Johnson7/29/1900BirthSwedish writer, Nobel Prize Laureate
Hannes Alfvén5/30/1908BirthSwedish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
Rasmus Bartholin8/13/1625BirthDanish physician, mathematician, and physicist
Karl Rudolf König11/26/1832BirthGerman physicist
Peter Simon Pallas9/22/1741BirthGerman zoologist
Victor Franz Hess6/24/1883BirthAustrian-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
James Denham Steuart, 4th B...11/26/1780DeathBritish economist
Boris Pasternak5/30/1960DeathRussian writer, Nobel Prize laureate
Gersh Budker7/4/1977DeathRussian physicist
William Rowan Hamilton9/2/1865DeathIrish mathematician
Jean Ribault10/12/1565DeathFrench explorer and colonizer
* 2/14/1961 - Discovery of the chemical elements: Element 103 Lawrencium, is first synthesized at the University o...
* 9/12/1959 - The Soviet Union launches a large rocket, Lunik II at the moon.
* 1/30/1820 - Edward Bransfield sights the Trinity Peninsula and claims the discovery of Antarctica.

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War on White Lunar Wind (17)
George Pickett1/25/1825BirthUS Confederate General
Dave Wakelingimg2/19/1956BirthEnglish musician (The (English) Beat, General Publi...
Tokugawa Ieyasu12/26/1542Birthunifier of Japan and first Tokugawa Shogun
Jean Victor Marie Moreau9/2/1813DeathFrench general (mortally wounded in battle)
* 8/3/1635 - The third of the Tokugawa shoguns Iemitsu, establishes the system of alternate attendance (sankin ko...
* 8/8/1942 - World War II: in Washington, DC six German would-be saboteurs (Operation Pastorius) are executed.
* 9/27/1944 - The Kassel Mission results in the largest loss by a USAAF group on any mission in World War II.
* 10/2/1835 - The Texas Revolution begins with the Battle of Gonzales: Mexican soldiers attempt to disarm the people...
* 12/16/1864 - US Civil War: Franklin-Nashville Campaign Battle of Nashville , Major General George H. Thomas's Un...
* 7/29/1588 - Anglo-Spanish War: Battle of Gravelines English naval forces under command of Lord Charles Howard an...
* 10/2/1263 - The battle of Largs is fought between Norwegians and Scots.
* 8/13/1521 - Tenochtitlán (present day Mexico City) falls to conquistador Hernán Cortés.
* 7/29/1900 - In Italy King Umberto I of Italy is assassinated by Italian-born anarchist Gaetano Bresci.
* 8/8/1942 - The Quit India resolution was passed by the Bombay session of the AICC, leading to the start of a civi...
* 4/20/1792 - France declares war on Austria the beginning of French Revolutionary Wars.
* 11/1/1805 - Napoleon Bonaparte invades Austria during the War of the Third Coalition.
* 8/13/1937 - Battle of Shanghai begins.

Sports on White Lunar Wind (44)
Lionel Messi6/24/1987BirthArgentine footballer
Stephen Peall9/2/1969BirthZimbabwean cricketer
Rory Byrne1/10/1944BirthSouth African racing car designer
Sebastián Abreu10/17/1976BirthUruguayan footballer
Bill Veeck2/9/1914BirthUS baseball executive
Brandon League3/16/1983BirthUS baseball player
Chase Daniel10/7/1986BirthUS football player
Chris Basak12/6/1978BirthUS baseball player
Darrell Jackson12/6/1978BirthUS football player
Derek Fathauer1/20/1986BirthUS professional golfer
Elvin Bethea3/1/1946BirthUS football player
Josh Gibson12/21/1911BirthUS baseball player
Lee Nguyen10/7/1986BirthUS footballer
P. J. Tucker5/5/1985BirthUS basketball player
Ray Lewis5/15/1975BirthUS football player
Robin Ventura7/14/1967BirthUS baseball player
Terrell Brandon5/20/1970BirthUS basketball player
Terrence Wheatley5/5/1985BirthUS Football player
Brian Kerr10/12/1981BirthScottish footballer
Francis Jeffers1/25/1981BirthEnglish footballer

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Education on White Lunar Wind (7)
Nathaniel Woodard4/25/1891DeathEnglish educationalist
Saint Cyril2/14/0869DeathGreek monk, scholar, theologian and linguist
* 2/19/1852 - The Phi Kappa Psi fraternity is founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.
* 2/14/1961 - Discovery of the chemical elements: Element 103 Lawrencium, is first synthesized at the University o...
* 2/24/1899 - Western Washington University is established.
* 10/17/1456 - The University of Greifswald is established, making it the second oldest university in northern Europe...
* 10/22/1867 - Fon of the National University of Colombia.

Nature on White Lunar Wind (0)

Business on White Lunar Wind (9)
Larry Page3/26/1973BirthUS computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur.
Bill Veeck2/9/1914BirthUS baseball executive
David Packard9/7/1912BirthUS electrical engineer and businessman
Adrian Newey12/26/1958BirthBritish engineer
Bob Bell4/10/1958BirthBritish engineer
Sir Donald Bailey5/5/1985DeathBritish civil engineer
Jan van Scorel Dutch painte...12/6/1562Death
Santino Solari4/10/1646DeathSwiss architect and sculptor
Arthur Plunkett8/13/1937DeathAustralian civil engineer

Accidents on White Lunar Wind (2)
* 9/7/1860 - Steamship Lady Elgin sinks on Lake Michigan with the loss of around 400 lives.
* 9/27/1996 - The Julie N. tanker skip crashes into the Million Dollar Bridge in Portland, Maine spilling thousands ...

Other on White Lunar Wind (37)
Kim Peek11/11/1951BirthUS megasavant
Matt Drudge10/27/1966BirthUS blogger
Robert Bolling12/26/1646BirthEnglish settler in Virginia
Roderick MacKinnon2/19/1956BirthUS biologist, Nobel laureate
Carl Peter Thunberg11/11/1743BirthSwedish naturalist
Johan Andersson8/28/1974BirthSwedish game programmer
Dick Bruna8/23/1927BirthDutch illustrator
Ulrike Meinhof10/7/1934BirthGerman terrorist
Bernard Derome1/10/1944BirthCanadian news presenter
Wop May4/20/1896BirthCanadian aviator
Aimee Semple McPherson9/27/1944DeathUS evangelist
Jim Clark6/4/2007DeathUS sheriff and segregationist
Larkin Smith8/13/1989DeathU.S. Representative from Mississippi
Robert Weede7/9/1972DeathUS baritone
John Newton12/21/1807DeathEnglish cleric and hymnist
Bartolomeo Vanzetti8/23/1927DeathItalian anarchist
Nicola Sacco8/23/1927DeathItalian anarchist
Bernard Loiseau2/24/2003DeathFrench chef
Bill France Jr.6/4/2007DeathNASCAR pioneer
Albert Plesman12/31/1953DeathDutch aviation pioneer

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White Lunar Wind is in the Dragon wavespell


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Passengers born on Kin 2 (17)
p-diddy padmaAsheville, NC United States
TonyWoodbridge, ON Canada
serionHanda, 01 Japan
Jonathan BelisleMontreal, QC Canada
Juan Jose Riveros RepizoNeiva, 16 Colombia
lilywhitecloudBrisbane, 04 Australia
drumman1767Atlanta, GA United States
Yaasmiyn8Orlando, FL United States
TroyCannock, M9 Great Britain (UK)
ArchagPalma, 07 Spain
VasilinaKrasnodar, 38 Russian Federation
Hannah Asheville, NC United States
solHalifax, Canada
unacornTokyo, Kanto Region Japan
MaddalenaLauraCristinaBergamo, Lombardy Italy
MMonkeySydney, New South Wales Australia
DinaraMoscow (Northern Administrative Okrug), Moscow Russian Federation
The next Galactic Birthday for kin 2
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Yang Fire Tiger
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Yang Fire Tiger

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But Tiger opposes Monkey!
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SSP is your galactic portal to alignment with natural cycles and rythms calculated using the Dreamspell calendar. Conversion to "kin" happens automatically on SpaceStationPlaza, illuminating the relationships you have to Famous People and other kin (passengers) on the Tzolk'in (the 260-day Calendar).

Conceived originally in 2000 by visionary Seraphim Arkis, Kin 154, WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD of Asheville, NC. In February 2009, Arkis conveyed the vision of to PHP programmer, Anthony Fogleman, who took an interest, and decided to help birth a revolutionary new type of website. The first public version of SSP was launched on April 9th, 2009, after exiting a galactic portal.

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The Dreamspell Calendar -
In 1987, using ancient Mayan glyphs, Dr. Jose Arguelles created the Dreamspell calendar based on 13 Moons of 28 days. The calendar harmonizes with natural cycles of the sun, moon, earth and planets. It incorporates the 260 day count known as the Tzolk'in. The calendar has been used widely since the Harmonic Convergence August 16 - August 17, 1987.
The Mayan prophecies are closely linked to calendars and astronomy, and are complex, exacting and impressively accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was part of the fulfillment of the ancient Mayan prophecy of the 13 Heavens of decreasing choice and the 9 Hells of increasing doom. This event marked the opening of a gate leading to the final 25 years of the Mayan Great Cycle of 13 Baktuns (BC 3113 - AD 2012). Humanity is now at the end of the ninth hell cycle, as the prophecy indicates, after which, the "Lord of the Dawn" would return. This period is described as a time not only of new thinking, but of quantum shift and a new paradigm for humanity.
In 1773, Don Ramon de Ordoñez y Aguilar discovered the ruins of an ancient city, Palenque, in the remote jungles of Central America. Excavations revealed pyramids, temples and palaces. Since then, explorers, scholars and writers have worked to learn more about the mysterious inhabitants who abandoned their city in 830 AD.

Like other cultures of Mesoamerica, the Maya used a 260-day calendar, referred to as the Tzolk'in. The length of this calendar coincides with the average duration of human gestation. Its purpose is to provide guidance in life through a consideration of the combined aspects of the 20 named days and 13 numbers, and to indicate the days on which sacrifice at certain 'number shrines' might lead to desired results. The days were commonly deified and invoked as 'Lordships'. The general Yucatec word for 'priest' (ah k'in) referred to the counting of the days. Within the social group of the priests at court, it was customary to pass the 'burden' of the time-units on from one divine 'number bearer' to the next.

What is often called Maya 'astronomy' could also be called astrology, since it was a priestly science resting on the assumption of a correspondence between earthly events and the movements of heavenly bodies and constellations.

In Classic Maya texts, certain glyphs are read as references to the soul and 'co-essences', such as animals or other natural phenomena (comets, lightning, etc.) linked and protected the individual.

The Maya believed their modern age, marked by the 26,000-year (360 days/yr) cycle of our solar system around the Pleiades star cluster, had begun on 12 August, 3114, BC and was to end on 21st of December, 2012 followed by regeneration of earth and a time of galactic harmony.

At SpaceStationPlaza we expect good things in 2013.

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