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First Note:timelessness
Signup Date:5/3/2012
City:Waterbury Center
Country:United States
Tribe: HUMAN
Kin: 52


  Tone: 13 Cosmic
Transcending * Presence * Endure
Tribe: 12 Human
Influence * Wisdom * Free Will
Affirmation for: Yellow Cosmic Human I Endure in order to Influence
Transcending Wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Intelligence
Reading for: Yellow Cosmic Human

Historic Events on Kin 52

Music on Yellow Cosmic Human (40)
Roger Daltreyimg3/1/1944BirthEnglish musician (The Who)
Elizabeth Cotten1/5/1895BirthUS musician
Spooner Oldhamimg6/14/1943Birth US songwriter and session musician. An organist, he...
Pat Dinizioimg9/12/1957BirthThe Smithereens
Mike d'Aboimg3/1/1944BirthEnglish singer (Manfred Mann)
Tom Hamiltonimg12/31/1951BirthUS bassist (Aerosmith)
Hans Zimmer9/12/1957BirthGerman composer
Harold Wheeler6/14/1943BirthUS composer
Jordan Pundikimg10/12/1979BirthUS singer (New Found Glory)
Kevin Haskinsimg7/19/1960BirthLove and Rockets
Renée Fleming2/14/1959BirthUS soprano
Alvin Stardust9/27/1942BirthEnglish singer
Jimmy McCulloch6/4/1953BirthScottish musician
Katherine Jenkins6/29/1980BirthWelsh soprano
Paul Samsonimg6/4/1953BirthBritish guitarist (Samson)
Marie Fredrikssonimg5/30/1958BirthSwedish singer and songwriter (Roxette)
Silvestre Revueltas12/31/1899BirthMexican composer
Ryuji Sasai12/21/1961BirthJapanese composer
Toma Ikuta10/7/1984BirthJapanese singer and actor
Janne Puurtinen10/17/1974BirthFinnish keyboardist (HIM)

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Entertainment on Yellow Cosmic Human (58)
Christian Bale1/30/1974BirthWelsh actor
Henry Cavill5/5/1983BirthEnglish actor
Mike Myers5/25/1963BirthCanadian actor and comedian
Spike Jonze10/22/1969BirthUS director and film producer
Meinhardt Raabe9/2/1915Birthactor, notable as Munchkin Coroner on The Wizard of Oz.
Alicia Machado12/6/1976BirthVenezuelan actress and Miss Universe
Albert R. Broccoli4/5/1909BirthUS film producer
Brandy Ledford2/4/1969BirthUS actress and model
Catherine Crier11/6/1954BirthUS television personality
Christine Lakin1/25/1979BirthUS actress
Colleen Haskell12/6/1976BirthUS television personality
Dennis Farina2/29/1944BirthUS actor
Dick Martin1/30/1922BirthUS comedian
Elihu Yale4/5/1649BirthUS benefactor of Yale University
Joan Fontaine10/22/1917BirthUS actress
Keiffer Hubbell1/15/1989BirthUS ice dancer
Kenan Thompson5/10/1978BirthUS actor
Kyle Searles6/24/1985BirthUS actor
Lindsay Price12/6/1976BirthUS actress
Lisa Zane4/5/1961BirthUS actress

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Politics on Yellow Cosmic Human (60)
Gerald Ford7/14/1913Birth38th President of the United States
Benjamin Aaron9/2/1915BirthUS labor law expert
Budd Dwyer11/21/1939BirthUS politician
John Breaux3/1/1944BirthU.S. Senator from Louisiana
John Willard Marriott9/17/1900BirthUS hotelier
Steve Israel5/30/1958BirthUS politician
Walter W. Bacon1/20/1880BirthUS politician
Gudrun Schyman6/9/1948BirthSwedish politician
Moses Schorr5/10/1874BirthPolish rabbi, senator, historian and orientalist
Yahya Khan2/4/1917BirthPresident of Pakistan
Octavio Paz3/31/1914BirthMexican diplomat and writer, Nobel laureate
Princess Muna al-Hussein4/25/1941Birthof Jordan
Constantius Chlorus3/31/0250BirthRoman Emperor
Georges Cuvier8/23/1769BirthFrench biologist and statesman
Ene Ergma2/29/1944BirthEstonian politician
Hugo Banzer5/10/1926BirthBolivian dictator
Frits Bernard8/28/1920Birthpedophile activist
Juan Ramón Balcarce3/16/1773BirthArgentine military leader and politician
King Alfonso XI of Castile ...8/13/1311Birth
Adlai Stevenson7/14/1965DeathUnited States Presidential candidate

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Writing on Yellow Cosmic Human (36)
Aleister Crowley10/12/1875BirthEnglish occultist and author
Ariel Levy10/17/1974BirthUS feminist writer
David Sedaris12/26/1956BirthUS essayist
Heloise4/15/1951BirthUS newspaper columnist
Jennifer Egan9/7/1962BirthUS novelist
Kay Boyle2/19/1902BirthUS writer
Robert Morace9/22/1947BirthUS writer
Sam Donaldson3/11/1934BirthUS reporter
Adam Osborne3/6/1939BirthBritish author and computer designer
Marie Fredrikssonimg5/30/1958BirthSwedish singer and songwriter (Roxette)
Moses Schorr5/10/1874BirthPolish rabbi, senator, historian and orientalist
Octavio Paz3/31/1914BirthMexican diplomat and writer, Nobel laureate
Dith Pran9/27/1942BirthCambodian-born photojournalist
Masami Tsuda7/9/1970BirthJapanese manga author
Ryunosuke Akutagawa3/1/1892BirthJapanese writer
Seicho Matsumoto12/21/1909BirthJapanese mystery writer and journalist
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri2/29/1944BirthItalian illustrator
Bertrand Tavernier4/25/1941BirthFrench director, screenwriter and actor
Christian Fürchtegott Gellert7/4/1715BirthGerman poet
Alejo Carpentier12/26/1904BirthCuban writer

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Art on Yellow Cosmic Human (7)
Adam Osborne3/6/1939BirthBritish author and computer designer
Kristjan Raud10/22/1865BirthEstonian painter
Govert Flinck1/25/1615BirthDutch painter
Jacob Lawrence6/9/2000DeathUS painter
Naum Gabo8/23/1977DeathRussian artist
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux10/12/1875DeathFrench sculptor and painter
* 5/20/1916 - The Saturday Evening Post publishes its first cover with a Norman Rockwell painting ("Boy with Baby Ca...

Religion on Yellow Cosmic Human (12)
Aleister Crowley10/12/1875BirthEnglish occultist and author
Daniel Fry7/19/1908Birth US contactee who claimed he had multiple contacts w...
Jeannette Piccard1/5/1895BirthUS teacher, scientist, priest, and aeronaut
Rev. William Corby10/2/1833BirthUS Catholic priest
Charles Spurgeon6/19/1834BirthEnglish preacher
Moses Schorr5/10/1874BirthPolish rabbi, senator, historian and orientalist
Debendranath Tagore5/15/1817BirthIndian religious reformer
Bruno Gröning5/30/1906BirthGerman mystic
Patrick Hamilton2/29/1528DeathScottish religious reformer (martyred)
Count Hieronymus von Colloredo5/20/1812DeathArchbishop of Salzburg
Pope Clement VI 12/6/1352Death
* 5/20/1864 - US Civil War: Battle of Ware Bottom Church in the Virginia Bermuda Hundred Campaign, 10,000 troops ...

Science on Yellow Cosmic Human (27)
Michael Faraday9/22/1791BirthEnglish scientist
Isidor Isaac Rabi7/29/1898BirthUS physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate
Jeannette Piccard1/5/1895BirthUS teacher, scientist, priest, and aeronaut
Meriwether Lewis8/18/1774BirthUS explorer
Adam Osborne3/6/1939BirthBritish author and computer designer
John Ross6/24/1777BirthBritish naval officer and explorer
Oliver Braddick11/16/1944BirthBritish psychologist
Thomas Graham12/21/1805BirthBritish chemist
Grigory Landsberg1/10/1890BirthRussian physicist
Behzad Ghorbani3/26/1971BirthIranian zoologist and sociobiologist
John Philip Holland2/29/1840BirthIrish inventor
Joseph Fourier3/21/1768BirthFrench mathematician
Louis Nicolas Davout5/10/1770BirthFrench marshal
Friedrich Schottky7/24/1851BirthGerman mathematician
Lorenz Böhler1/15/1885BirthAustrian physician
Albert Ellis7/24/2007DeathUS psychologist
Dudley North12/31/1691DeathEnglish economist
Bernard Courtois9/27/1838DeathFrench chemist
Arthur R. von Hippel German...12/31/2003Death
Ferdinand von Lindemann3/6/1939DeathGerman mathematician

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War on Yellow Cosmic Human (31)
Liviu Librescu8/18/1930BirthIsraeli professor, killed in the Virginia Tech massacre
Scott Ware5/5/1983BirthUS footballer
Rachel Ward9/12/1957BirthEnglish actress
Georges Cuvier8/23/1769BirthFrench biologist and statesman
Jarl Wahlström7/9/1918Birththe 12th General of The Salvation Army
Jim LeRoy4/5/1961BirthAirshow Pilot
Juan Ramón Balcarce3/16/1773BirthArgentine military leader and politician
King Gustavus Adolphus of S...11/16/1632Deathkilled in battle
Krzysztof Zbaraski3/6/1627DeathPolish statesman
StanisÅ‚aw Å»óÅ‚ki...10/7/1620DeathPolish military leader
Stanislaw Zolkiewski10/7/1620DeathPolish nobleman of the Lubicz coat of arms, magnate ...
Mykhailo Hrushevsky11/26/1934DeathUkrainian historian and statesman
* 2/14/1803 - Chief Justice John Marshall declares that any act of U.S. Congress that conflicts with the Constitutio...
* 2/29/1944 - World War II: The Admiralty Islands are invaded in Operation Brewer led by US General Douglas MacArthur.
* 5/20/1864 - US Civil War: Battle of Ware Bottom Church in the Virginia Bermuda Hundred Campaign, 10,000 troops ...
* 5/30/1958 - Memorial Day: the remains of two unidentified US servicemen, killed in action during World War II and ...
* 9/17/1900 - Philippine-US War: Filipinos under Juan Cailles defeat Americans under Colonel Benjamin F. Cheatham at...
* 9/27/1942 - Last day of the September Matanikau action on Guadalcanal as United States Marine Corps troops barely ...
* 12/16/1914 - World War I: German battleships under Franz von Hipper bombard the English ports of Hartlepool and Sca...
* 7/29/1014 - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars: Battle of Kleidion: Byzantine emperor Basil II inflicts a decisive defeat on...

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Sports on Yellow Cosmic Human (48)
Clifford Robinson12/16/1966BirthUS basketball player
Curtis Granderson3/16/1981BirthUS baseball player
Gabe Jennings1/25/1979BirthUS distance runner
Gordon Smiley4/20/1946BirthUS racecar driver
Grover Lowdermilk1/15/1885BirthUS baseball player
Jay Witasick8/28/1972BirthUS baseball player
John Rocker10/17/1974BirthUS baseball player
Martin Truex Jr6/29/1980BirthUS race car driver
Mercury Morris1/5/1947BirthUS football player
Mudcat Grant8/13/1935BirthUS baseball player
Scott Ware5/5/1983BirthUS footballer
Trent Green7/9/1970BirthUS footballer
Wahoo McDaniel6/19/1938BirthUS football player and wrestler
Willie McGinest12/11/1971BirthUS football player
Dennis Wise12/16/1966BirthEnglish footballer
John Miles6/14/1943BirthBritish racing driver
Roger Black3/31/1966BirthEnglish athlete
Alexei Cherepanov1/15/1989BirthRussian hockey player
Salman Butt10/7/1984BirthPakistani cricketer
Ravindu Shah8/28/1972BirthKenyan cricketer

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Education on Yellow Cosmic Human (2)
Elihu Yale4/5/1649BirthUS benefactor of Yale University
Myles Coverdale1/20/1568DeathEnglish Bible translator

Nature on Yellow Cosmic Human (1)
* 10/12/1979 - The lowest recorded non-tornadic atmospheric pressure, 87.0 kPa (870 mbar or 25.69 inHg), occurred in ...

Business on Yellow Cosmic Human (9)
Dennis Tito8/8/1940BirthUS businessman and space tourist
Hetty Green11/21/1835BirthUS businesswoman
John Willard Marriott9/17/1900BirthUS hotelier
Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.10/2/1937BirthUS attorney
Susumu Ojima6/4/1953BirthJapanese entrepreneur (Huser)
Pierre Juneau10/17/1922BirthCanadian film and broadcast executive
Maurice "Mac" McDonald12/11/1971DeathUS fast-food pioneer
* 2/29/1944 - World War II: The Admiralty Islands are invaded in Operation Brewer led by US General Douglas MacArthur.
* 2/4/1969 - Yasser Arafat takes over as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Accidents on Yellow Cosmic Human (4)
* 12/1/1981 - A Yugoslavian Inex Adria Aviopromet DC-9 crashes in Corsica killing all 180 people on-board.
* 7/9/1918 - Great train wreck of 1918: in Nashville, Tennessee an inbound local train collides with an outbound e...
* 2/29/1996 - A Peruvian Boeing 737 crashes in the Andes, killing 123 people.
* 4/20/1998 - TAME Boeing 727-200 chartered by Air France crashes into Cerro El Cable mountain after takeoff from Bo...

Other on Yellow Cosmic Human (26)
Ann Lee2/29/1736BirthUS founder of Quakers
Alexei Petrovich Maresiev5/20/1916BirthRussian flying ace
Yukina Shirakawa6/24/1985BirthJapanese gravure idol
Reza Shah Pahlavi3/16/1877BirthIranian shah
Radius Prawiro6/29/1928BirthIndonesia Finance Minister
Rudolf Friedrich7/4/1923BirthSwiss Federal Councilor
Isabel of Brazil7/29/1846Birth
Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl o...4/25/1265DeathEnglish crusader
Sonny Werblin11/21/1991Deathformer owner of the New York Jets
Reg Bundy4/15/2003DeathBritish performer
William Skeffington12/31/1535DeathLord Deputy of Ireland
Saint Emeric of Hungary9/2/1031Death
Francisco Fernández Ochoa11/6/2006DeathSpanish alpine skier
* 2/29/1892 - St. Petersburg, Florida is incorporated.
* 5/15/1817 - Opening of the first private mental health hospital in the United States the Asylum for the Relief of...
* 5/15/1869 - Woman's suffrage: in New York Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the National Woman's S...
* 5/20/1916 - The small town of Codell, Kansas is struck by a tornado. Incredibly, the same town was also hit in 191...
* 6/29/1928 - The Outerbridge Crossing and Goethals Bridge in Staten Island, New York both opened.
* 11/26/1778 - In the Hawaiian Islands Captain James Cook becomes the first European to visit Maui.
* 10/12/1823 - Charles Macintosh of Scotland, sells the first raincoat.

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Yellow Cosmic Human is in the Sun wavespell


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Intergalactic Network
for Universal Peace

Passengers born on Kin 52 (28)
Judith MarieLaverton, 07 Australia
BimbosSeattle, WA United States
aholmesRaleigh, NC United States
irotsomaMulhouse, C1 France
craigEl Dorado Hills, CA United States
ebonyjohnsPhiladelphia, PA United States
carleighCanoga Park, CA United States
TonoSofia, 42 Bulgaria
DanaBinãn, 33 Philippines
JACK RICHARDSONOlympia, WA United States
Marilyn WrightCambridge, NY United States
MaksimBeograd, 00 Serbia
troyAsheville, NC United States
jeffWaterbury Center, VT United States
AbsintheBuenos Aires, 07 Argentina
SuraSiNew York, NY United States
Phoebe LastBristol, B7 Great Britain (UK)
Andrew AlohaTucson, AZ United States
DoreneVancouver, WA United States
CrystalVancouver, WA United States
TimothyLonedell, MO United States
Yellow Cosmic HumanWashington, DC United States
haghammadiIrvine, California United States
KemetMaringu00e1, Paranu00e1 Brazil
Celestialo4Richardson, Texas United States
jealeeRoyal Oak, Michigan United States
AllaroundAllGroningen (Industriebuurt), Groningen Netherlands
ChiquittaZurich (Wiedikon), Zurich Switzerland
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Yin Wood Ox
Chinese Astrology Chinese Dragon

Yin Wood Ox

Ox affinity is with Rooster and Snake

But Ox opposes Sheep!
Chinese Circle Of Affinity

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SSP is your galactic portal to alignment with natural cycles and rythms calculated using the Dreamspell calendar. Conversion to "kin" happens automatically on SpaceStationPlaza, illuminating the relationships you have to Famous People and other kin (passengers) on the Tzolk'in (the 260-day Calendar).

Conceived originally in 2000 by visionary Seraphim Arkis, Kin 154, WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD of Asheville, NC. In February 2009, Arkis conveyed the vision of to PHP programmer, Anthony Fogleman, who took an interest, and decided to help birth a revolutionary new type of website. The first public version of SSP was launched on April 9th, 2009, after exiting a galactic portal.

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The Dreamspell Calendar -
In 1987, using ancient Mayan glyphs, Dr. Jose Arguelles created the Dreamspell calendar based on 13 Moons of 28 days. The calendar harmonizes with natural cycles of the sun, moon, earth and planets. It incorporates the 260 day count known as the Tzolk'in. The calendar has been used widely since the Harmonic Convergence August 16 - August 17, 1987.
The Mayan prophecies are closely linked to calendars and astronomy, and are complex, exacting and impressively accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was part of the fulfillment of the ancient Mayan prophecy of the 13 Heavens of decreasing choice and the 9 Hells of increasing doom. This event marked the opening of a gate leading to the final 25 years of the Mayan Great Cycle of 13 Baktuns (BC 3113 - AD 2012). Humanity is now at the end of the ninth hell cycle, as the prophecy indicates, after which, the "Lord of the Dawn" would return. This period is described as a time not only of new thinking, but of quantum shift and a new paradigm for humanity.
In 1773, Don Ramon de Ordoñez y Aguilar discovered the ruins of an ancient city, Palenque, in the remote jungles of Central America. Excavations revealed pyramids, temples and palaces. Since then, explorers, scholars and writers have worked to learn more about the mysterious inhabitants who abandoned their city in 830 AD.

Like other cultures of Mesoamerica, the Maya used a 260-day calendar, referred to as the Tzolk'in. The length of this calendar coincides with the average duration of human gestation. Its purpose is to provide guidance in life through a consideration of the combined aspects of the 20 named days and 13 numbers, and to indicate the days on which sacrifice at certain 'number shrines' might lead to desired results. The days were commonly deified and invoked as 'Lordships'. The general Yucatec word for 'priest' (ah k'in) referred to the counting of the days. Within the social group of the priests at court, it was customary to pass the 'burden' of the time-units on from one divine 'number bearer' to the next.

What is often called Maya 'astronomy' could also be called astrology, since it was a priestly science resting on the assumption of a correspondence between earthly events and the movements of heavenly bodies and constellations.

In Classic Maya texts, certain glyphs are read as references to the soul and 'co-essences', such as animals or other natural phenomena (comets, lightning, etc.) linked and protected the individual.

The Maya believed their modern age, marked by the 26,000-year (360 days/yr) cycle of our solar system around the Pleiades star cluster, had begun on 12 August, 3114, BC and was to end on 21st of December, 2012 followed by regeneration of earth and a time of galactic harmony.

At SpaceStationPlaza we expect good things in 2013.

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